Euridice Axen talks about the extraordinary career of the Fontana sisters in the last appointment with iftuminate, the docu-series produced by Anele in collaboration with Rai Cultura which tells the stories of some great protagonists of the twentieth century told by as many actresses, broadcast on Sunday 17 March at 10.50pm on Rai 3. Director of the episode by Luca Brignone.

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Parallel to the fiction sequences, passing through the squares of Rome and visiting the Academy of Fashion and Costume and the Micol Fontana Foundation, the story is enriched with archive materials and contributions from illustrious witnesses such as Giovanna Fontana’s daughter Roberta Lami, President of the Micol Fontana Foundation; his granddaughter Maria Cristina Giusti and daughter-in-law Luisella Rastelli, coordinator of the Fontana collections; and again, Cristina Parodi, Enzo Miccio, the stylist Guillermo Mariotto, the journalist and producer Matilde Bernabei, the announcer and television presenter Rosanna Vaudetti, the Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion Mario Boselli, the President of the Costume and Fashion Academy Andrea Lupo Lanzara, the designer and model Luisida Caligaris Papa and the journalist Marina Como.